Adjust, a company that specializes in analytics and anti-bot fraud, recently launched Unbotify, an AI that stops in-app bot fraud through machine learning and natural user flow.

Bot fraud can drain a company’s marketing budget and cost millions in revenue. But it can also cause other serious problems not directly linked to profits, such as account takeovers, spamming, reduced customer retention rates, damaged user experience and skewed in-app analytics data.

Unbotify works by using AI and machine learning to monitor the behavior of an app’s user by focusing on the available biometric data. It learns how people use with a certain app, by observing how often and in what combination users interact with the app by touch screen, as well as by activity on the phone’s gyroscope or accelerometer.

Based on this data, Unbotify then uses machine learning to create models of how a human and bot behave separately with the app, then refers to its established models to differentiate the two in real-time.

Adjust co-founder and CTO Paul Müller explains how Unbotify works in this short video:

Unbotify will be offered separately from Adjust’s Fraud Prevention Suite, a package that prevents ad and performance-based fraud that can steal money from any app’s marketing budget. Unbotify may be implemented alongside Adjust’s or any other company’s attribution service.

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