TravelClick, a tech company that specializes in cloud-based, data-driven solutions for hoteliers revealed that it will launch a beta version of Campaign Advisor later this year. A software that algorithmically decides when it’s best to “target” each and every guest individually, Campaign Advisor will determine the best “window” for hoteliers to entice guests to book a room.

TravelClick’s Campaign Advisor is designed to offer their hotelier partners with a more precise, data-driven marketing tool that learns and evolves over time, and improves on giving more accurate predictions when a guest is more likely to make a hotel reservation. This is just one of a series of solutions that TravelClick intends to release, as part of its ongoing strategy to produce tools for hoteliers, so they can provide a more cost-efficient, timely and personalized “guest journey”.

With Campaign Advisor and other projects in the pipeline, TravelClick aims to allow hoteliers to maximize their marketing campaigns, while reducing both guesswork and the tedium of micro-managing their guests.

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