2018 is the year that AI startups have almost reached the $10 billion mark, with as much as $9.3 billion invested into AI startups across 39 states.

This increase is significant, considering that the funding rose over 8x the original amount from 2013, when AI funding was at $1.1 billion. Last year, the top 3 states that garnered the most funding were California with 48%, New York with 12% and Massachusetts taking 9% of the total funds.

CB Insights has determined that these AI startups have applied their expertise to the marketing, healthcare, retail and many more industries, and have even mapped out at which states and which startups received the funding.

To see the map and get more details on the most-invested AI startups in America last year, read the full story: https://www.cbinsights.com/research/artificial-intelligence-startup-us-map/?utm_source=linkedin&utm_campaign=promotion&utm_medium=referral

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