A new study conducted by Albert Technologies has found that while many businesses across various industries have adopted AI, most of them have doubts as to whether the AI tech they’re using actually helps them implement their strategies and reach their objectives.

This study conducted by Forrester researchers for Albert Technologies found that 88% of marketers who participated in the study have already incorporated or are in the process of incorporating AI into their marketing strategy but haven’t as yet reaped the benefits of using AI. Of this number, only 50% of the respondents felt that the AI was working for their strategy and assisting them achieve their objectives.

Half of the respondents listed these “main objectives” as being able to have direct media buying options and improve their campaigns’ effectiveness. Meanwhile, slightly over 40% said they wanted AI to improve customer experience, and one-third wanted AI to assist with customer retention.

On the flipside, 47% or almost half of the marketers surveyed cited that AI was the “culprit” for causing a drop in their customers’ experience rating, and another 37% said AI was to blame for a decrease in their customer engagement; both groups cited a common problem – the AI doesn’t deliver ads through their customers’ favored channels.

To know more about this story, read the details here: http://www.bizreport.com/2019/05/study-marketers-still-unsure-of-their-ai-tech.html


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