In today’s marketing environment, there has been increasing concern over data privacy and how much access marketers should have over consumer information. Some companies manage to strike a balance between user privacy and delivering personalized experiences, while others, even giants like Facebook and Google, have landed in hot water over privacy issues.

Join Bill Ammerman, author of The Invisible Brand: Marketing in the Age of Automation, Big Data, and Machine Learning, as he discusses these hot-button issues and more in an interview with TechTarget.


How much does the public know about what’s going on behind the scenes of some of these AI, data privacy and marketing issues?

I think the general public has a collective sense that their data is being gathered, that they’re being manipulated and that, you know, big business, big tech corporations have an unfair kind of advantage in the process. I think it’s less understood how that works, and the how is where I really take the book.

I try to explain, in the first half of the book, the origins of where we are today and how we got here. I detail four trends that are collectively working together.

And what are those trends? How do they relate to AI, data privacy and marketing issues?

The first trend is the personalization of information. We have reached the point where we can deliver personalized advertising — highly targeted messaging down to the individual level based on their online behaviors and their offline behaviors and, increasingly, more detailed information about their location and personality, and even their current sentiment.

People are getting that news and information from social media feeds that are personalized. That puts us into these echo chambers, these filter bubbles, where we are consuming news that we like, rather than the news we necessarily need, and that’s transformative.


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