Schimdt’s Natural, a personal care company renowned for offering all-natural deodorants, has just harnessed an AI dubbed Alexander.

Alexander is an advanced AI that can respond to emails, initiate more personalized conversations on social media based on what it “sees” and also collects data on customers. The AI is able to perform all these tasks in multiple languages all over the world, with exactly zero human input and does it all within milliseconds.

As it continues to interact with customers, Alexander also compiles a database to provide marketers with insights that could prove invaluable in getting a deeper understanding of customer needs, and how to market to them better. Alexander was adopted by Schmidt’s Natural in an effort to interact with customers in the fastest and most cost-efficient way, and to save money on using traditional advertising.

Schmidt’s Natural’s use of Alexander is being monitored by parent company Unilever, as a “litmus test” for using the AI for other Unilever brands in the future.

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