This past summer, CRM giant Salesforce acquired Israel-based marketing intelligence company Datorama for $800 million, the biggest marketing tech acquisition of the year so far. With this acquisition, Salesforce plans to create a “Datorama Marketplace” aimed at offering developers the ability to make their own customized apps that harness Datorama.

This is an important development, as it signals a trend of consolidation within the marketing industry. CRM and analytics companies usually have the problem of collecting data, only to have it “sit” and remain under-utilized or unused. Such a dilemma poses a serious problem for marketers, and many companies are scrambling to solve it by creating platforms that consolidate multiple streams of data into a unified interface, and quickly unearth and relay insights to marketers.   

With the addition of Datorama, Salesforce clients will reap a lot of benefits, including more accurate tracking of marketing data; that includes data that isn’t stored within Salesforce.

To know more about Datorama Marketplace and the new apps in it, read the full story here:

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