Recently-appointed SVP for Marketing Innovation and CMO programs at Salesforce Jon Suarez-Davis shared a few of his thoughts regarding today’s advances in martech and how it impacts marketers.

Suarez-Davis isn’t a new face at Salesforce, as his new position was “created” for him after being promoted from SVP and Chief Strategy Officer. Before his promotion, Suarez-Davis spoke to AdNews about how the “death of the (ad) agency is extremely exaggerated”. You can read that interview in detail, here.

As a marketer with a significant ad agency background, Suarez-Davis strongly advocates using tools (such as AI) that allow marketers to concentrate on creative communications and strategy, rather than be bogged down by data. He also believes that AI is actually “enabling society to ask smarter questions, contrary to the common belief that it provides all the answers.” When asked about the increasing demand for personalization, Suarez-Davis believes that AI is instrumental in delivering personalized experiences. In fact, he shared some interesting stats from Salesforce’s most recent “State of Marketing” report: there has been a 35% increase in the number of companies that use AI, and over 40% of the high-performing companies credited AI with helping them achieve their objectives.

As for the privacy issue, he champions the use of customer data “appropriately” and maintains that companies should deliver value without the “creepy factor”. While it’s always been a hot-button issue, Suarez-Davis stresses the importance of companies being open with customers about how they harness their data. He firmly believes that companies who make trust, transparency and accountability their core values are those that will survive even the most serious technology issues, including data breaches.

For the full details on Suarez-Davis’s sentiments, read the story here:

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