In a deal worth $15.7 billion, Salesforce acquired business intelligence visualization software provider Tableau. The all-stock transaction was completed last June 10, in an effort to “deliver customer success by enabling a truly unified and powerful view across all of a customer’s data”, according to Salesforce co-CEO Keith Block.

Salesforce is the pioneering company behind AI for CRM, Salesforce Einstein, and is used to deliver AI-powered analytics for sales and marketing. Tableau on the other hand, pioneered self-service analytics and an intuitive analytics platform that allows anyone of any skill level to be able to work with data. By combining Salesforce and Tableau, companies will have access to the most intelligent and intuitive analytics and visualization platform for every user at every department at any company. Tableau’s addition will strengthen Salesforce’s analytics and Customer 360 capabilities and reach a more diverse set of customers and users.

What this basically means for businesses is that Salesforce will be able to supply an even more user-friendly product to handle customer data and gather deeper insights on customers. The resulting product of this merger can help businesses and users that lack experience or have difficulty using data-driven technologies gain more leverage in today’s digital age. Companies can have a more complete, intelligent view of their customers starting from sales, customer service, marketing, commerce and many other touchpoints.

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