SalesForce, touted as the world’s #1 provider of CRM software and solutions, recently updated their portfolio of customer service solutions software with AI.

The added AI features are designed to assist customer service agents to get the right answers to customer inquiries as quickly and accurately as possible, via the chat interface. Salesforce is now updating their CRM products with machine learning to deliver solutions from articles, recommend responses and suggest the next best steps to the customer service agent just as they chat with customers.

Machine learning looks on past cases, then recommends the articles that successfully solved similar if not the same problems that the customer service agent is tackling. The “best” article with the most likely solution simply pops up on the customer service agent’s console to assist with the case.

Salesforce is also delving into similar AI tech to give recommended replies to queries, replies which the agent can simply “copy-paste” into the chat to make the problem resolution more efficient. Before wrapping up the case, the AI can even provide related information, suggest an “upsell” or any other appropriate action as defined by the customer query.

The AI updates have also been applied to software that pre-screens cases and follows pre-programmed criteria like “most suitable agent” or “best past outcomes”; with these enhancements, filtering cases and routing customers to the most appropriate and qualified customer service agent can be done automatically.

Lastly, SalesForce is adding Quip to the customer agent console. Quip allows agents to chat with one another and collaborate to find solutions if a case proves difficult. With Quip, issues can be solved quicker and the interactions between agents can be stored in a knowledge database. The collected data can then be used by SalesForce software to train algorithms for correct replies, and apply them to cases whenever similar problems come up.

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