Realeyes, a London-based tech company that enables companies like Coca-Cola, Expedia and AT&T to measure consumers’ emotions and attention levels as they view ads, has announced that it received $12.4 million in additional funding.

This additional investment actually marks Realeyes’ expansion into the Japanese market, which is considered the 3rd-largest market for advertising in the world. The new round of investment was provided by Drapers Esprit and NTT Docomo Ventures Inc, the venture capital arm of Japan’s leading mobile telecoms company, NTT Docomo. Global Brain, Japan’s largest venture capital fund, along with Karma Ventures and The Entrepreneurs Fund also contributed to the additional funding. The company’s technology is mainly comprised of the most advanced AI, machine learning and computer vision.

With Realeyes’ technology, any mobile device’s camera or desktop webcam can be used to monitor and measure a person’s emotions and attention levels as they view content. Known as Realeyes’ “Emotion AI” platform, brands, ad agencies and media buyers can quantify consumers’ responses to content and optimize the effectiveness of their creative materials and media-buying strategies. The AI can also be used to analyze viewers’ sentiments in custom surveys, affording brands an additional layer of data that can further assist in optimizing marketing campaigns.

As Realeyes gets new funding and partners with a tech-affiliated company like NTT Docomo, the company is set to provide Japanese brands with the perfect data-driven solution for advertisers that want to exploit the huge local market and its voracious appetite for online videos. As of now, marketers view this technology as novel and disruptive, but as 5G rolls out, Realeyes is poised to raise the stakes; soon, companies like Realeyes can provide marketers with even deeper insight as to how consumers feel about brands and their campaigns, and potentially change the way consumers engage with brands via their devices.

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