Perceptin has released an AI camera module that tracks the reactions of customers to digital out-of-home advertising (DOOH) in real-time.

Called the Perceptin Intelligent Viewer Tracking Module (PIVTM), the device works by monitoring viewers’ degree of engagement and reactions when mounted on an in-store digital signage, digital kiosk, or vending machines with built-in TV screens. Up to 10 people at a time can be monitored, as long as they’re within its maximum range of 5 meters.

Apart from viewers’ reactions, the PIVTM can gather data such as the length of time each person views the ad, length of customer engagement, whether the person is new or recurrent, and which elements of the ad are the most effective in catching viewer attention.

Until now, there has been no device capable of providing marketers with detailed information on their customers in real-time. For advertisers, this provides a tool to measure and pin down the optimal format, ad length, storylines, layouts, call-to-action and other difficult-to-measure variables.

While the PIVTM is a good leap forward in measuring the effectiveness of DOOH, it could be some time before we see anything as advanced as the ads in Minority Report.

At present, Perceptin has deployed more than 10,000 PIVTM units in Asia, and is now in the process of selecting clients for its initial salvo in North America.

For more details on Perceptin’s PIVTM, read the full story here:

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