Just how small can AI go? How about a toothbrush? At the Mobile World Congress, dental care specialist brand Oral-B revealed its newest toothbrush, the Oral-B Genius X.

Oral-B is famous for its high-tech electric toothbrushes, but what sets the Genius X from all of its, and other competing, electric toothbrushes?

For one, it’s got its own AI that monitors the user’s “performance” in brushing. The Genius X also comes with its proprietary app that walks users through the brushing process, then closely monitors how well and how long you brush, and then compares your brushing to “best-practice”.

After brushing, the Genius X then gives the user a percentile score to rate how well they brushed their teeth.

Screenshots of the Oral-B Genius X toothbrush’s app. The AI monitors the user’s brushing style, pressure applied, areas brushed and time spent brushing. The AI will then compare their “performance” to the “ideal” way of brushing and give the user a rating (Slashgear.com/oral-b-genius-x-with-artificial-intelligence-toothbrush-digital-health-roadmap-25567364/).


The toothbrush comes with an AI “trained” with a database of thousands of different brushing styles, which it uses to compare your brushing style, and how well your “performance” rates in comparison to the ideal way of brushing. The AI can track the areas you brush, how much pressure you apply and for how long you do it, then recommend which areas you should improve on.

In the future, Genius X will be able to compile a detailed account of the user’s oral and overall health and send the report to their dentist or other healthcare provider. This feature won’t be available for some time, but the Oral-B Genius X will be on the market likely by Q4 2019, and its MSRP is yet to be announced.

To know more about this AI-enabled toothbrush, read the story here: https://www.slashgear.com/oral-b-genius-x-with-artificial-intelligence-toothbrush-digital-health-roadmap-25567364/

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