Oracle, one of the world’s largest vendors of databases, business applications, data analytics, computer systems and other IT-related products, is expanding its portfolio with new AI-enhanced sales tools.

Newly-hired EVP of Oracle Rob Tarkoff announced that Oracle has created products that could greatly increase efficiency in sales teams. Their products include DataFox, a machine-learning-enhanced sales planning app which compiles and analyzes account and sales data, then allows sales managers to come up with a more optimal strategy for assigning teams to each territory.

Another product is an AI sales planning tool which sorts through financial data, then make more precise forecasts on sales performance.

Finally, Oracle will also offer salespeople their own virtual assistant. A chatbot that schedules meetings and gives reminders to sales execs, this virtual assistant also lets them record quick voice notes about sales calls and daily tasks.

These are but a few examples of how AI can and is improving efficiency in the field of sales and marketing, as other companies like Adobe, Microsoft and Salesforce are also integrating AI into their sales and marketing products.

The chatbot and the sales forecasting tool are already available for purchase, while the DataFox app will be launched in June.

For more details on these AI-driven sales tools, read the full story here:

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