Tel-Aviv based Optimove has offices in London and New York, is now worth $100 million, and currently employs more than 200 people after operating for only a decade. Soon, Optimove will establish offices in India to bring more of its “emotional intelligence” to Asian clients.

What’s behind the success of this Software as a Service (SaaS) startup? Apart from simply offering a type of cloud service, Optimove provides something vital to big industry players to remain competitive in this age of hyper-personalization and hyper-communication: precision marketing.

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More than simply gathering customer data and storing it in the cloud, Optimove prides itself in its ability to harness A.I., machine learning and predictive analytics to “micro-segment” each of their client’s customers. Optimove offers a diverse portfolio of products and services, allowing marketers to classify each customer according to their tastes, preferences and consumption patterns. Optimove can then assist their clients to choose exactly which relevant channel and communications to reach each customer in a highly personalized way.

Customer data is also translated into actionable insights, which help marketers in planning and executing their communication strategies in the most accurate, nuanced and contextually-appropriate manner possible.

Optimove likes to refer to their personalized customer engagement process as “empowering brands to exhibit ‘emotional intelligence’ when communicating with their customers”.

The company claims in its website that it’s successfully assisted over 350 clients in the US and Europe “cut through the clutter” and reach their customers in the most personalized way, while staying within the boundaries of privacy.

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In this day and age of hyper-communication and growing demand for hyper-personalization, would you consider availing of Optimove’s products or services? Do they represent a passing trend or indispensable martech? Let us know your opinion in the comments!

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