Procter & Gamble’s skin care line, Olay, may have revolutionized digital marketing for cosmetics with an AI-powered app that can be accessed online.

Simply called the Olay Skin Advisor, the app works by scanning users’ selfies, then provides a short questionnaire. Artificial Intelligence then analyzes the provided data, then provides users with a personalized skin care regimen based on the user’s skin type and data about what’s worked on women with similar skin characteristics and concerns.

This may seem like a simple app, but this new digital marketing approach has the potential to radically change the way women approach skin care, how they purchase skin care products and how cosmetics are marketed to them. P&G actually determined that when it comes to buying cosmetics, women are overwhelmed with literally thousands of different products and are confused with the available product propositions and promises.

Due to the deluge of choices and marketing messages, as much as 30% of women who shop for skin care products end up confused and even fail to make any purchases. Olay’s Skin Advisor helps solve this dilemma by engaging women in the most effective way and at the most relevant touchpoint — right in the privacy of their homes.

By using the app, customers can determine their skin type, skin age and what sort of skin care regimen is right for them. Results pop up in as little as 3 minutes, then the app recommends the products best suited for their needs. With Olay’s Skin Advisor, customers now have a quicker, less invasive way to know what skin care products they need right before they visit the store.

Thanks to the personalization and privacy protection offered by AI-driven digital marketing, Olay and other personal care companies of other categories (i.e. men’s personal care) can vastly increase the number of potential customers they can engage, educate and introduce new products. An app like this comes at a good time since the global markets for fragrances, hair and skin care products are expected to reach $805.61 million by 2023.

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