Talk about giving new meaning to the expression “thinking on your feet”. Simply called “Nike Fit”, the app is comprised of a complex mix of computer vision, AI, data science, machine learning and recommendation algorithms.

What the Nike Fit basically does is give a highly accurate measurement of the user’s feet, allowing them to find out their “ideal size”. Nike Fit is deemed to be accurate to within a millimeter of a person’s actual foot’s dimensions. After making its measurements, the app then recommends the “perfect” shoe size.

Nike representatives claim that 3 out of 5 people are actually wearing the wrong size, as the shoe industry’s standard shoe sizes are simply outdated. Current standard shoe sizes grossly oversimplify a person’s shoe size and exact fit, as they only consider length and width of the feet. The company predicts that the app will not only supply customers with a more accurate fit but will result in less shipping costs due to reduced returns, better overall customer experience and enables Nike to come up with better designs and more tailor-fit products.

Nike Fit will be added to the iPhone app, along with the Android version and will be used by select retail stores sometime in July. To know more about the app, go here:

For a more detailed account of how Nike Fit works, read here:


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