Microsoft already has a number of products aimed at the developer market, but this time they’re adding a familiar product to the lineup – the redesigned and renamed Kinect, the Azure Kinect.

If you’re a gamer or have kids who played with an Xbox 360 or Xbox One, you’ll remember the Kinect as the accessory that did away with the controller to play Kinect-enabled games and replaced them with body gestures Minority Report-style. It seemed to everyone that Kinect was the future of video games, but alas, it was not to be.

Just last Sunday at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, the Azure Kinect DK (Developer Kit) was revealed.

The first Kinect was made for the Xbox 360. During its short existence, some Developers actually reconfigured the Kinect to serve as hardware for certain apps (
Compare the Kinect above to the Azure Kinect, a sleeker, cloud-powered peripheral for developers. It will retail for $399 (

A considerably smaller and sleeker model, the addition of “Azure” to its moniker is due to its added capability of using the Azure cloud, so while it bears the Kinect name, Azure Kinect promises to be a much smarter and more useful tool for developers.

The Azure Kinect will feature a 1-megapixel depth camera, a 12-megapixel camera and 7-mic array. This new developer-targeted iteration of the Kinect will retail for $399, although it’s only available for pre-order to date.

Only time will tell if the Kinect’s resurrection as a cloud-powered camera will make it a Microsoft success story.

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