Frankfurt-based marketing intelligence company Admetrics recently launched Newton, an A.I. marketing analyst. Some time ago, CRM giant Salesforce introduced its own AI marketing assistant/analyst, Einstein.

Clearly, the “big brains” are coming to the field of A.I. in marketing applications.

Designed for the “data-driven marketer”, Newton is an autonomous virtual marketing analyst that allows for “always-on” experimentation on marketing data. Newton has the ability to run thousands of experiments in parallel of each other 24/7, then proactively offers a number of suggested actions across all of a company’s channels and campaigns.

Above is a sample screenshot of Newton’s “dashboard” or UI interface. At a glance, marketers can see which of their ongoing campaigns have
opportunities for growth, which campaigns are under-performing and which actions can be taken and their corresponding expected results. (

Simply put, Newton can help advertisers, ad agencies and media buyers to maximize possible opportunities and predict any negative outcomes in their marketing efforts to avert substantial losses. This is definitely a welcome benefit, since the Forrester Research firm discovered that 60 to 73% of data companies collect isn’t even analyzed or used for analytics. Newton was created to change all that, and enable marketers to automate and scale data analysis, then maximize insight generation and take actions that can ramp up cost efficiency. Admetrics co-founder and CEO Markus Repetschnig even suggested that Newton can offer companies the ability to optimize growth, even if they don’t have huge budgets or a large data science team.

To know more about Newton, read the full story here:

As marketers, would you adopt or have already adopted an A.I. like Newton? If you have, how has it impacted the marketing side of your business? Let us know in the comments!

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