Employers and Jobseekers alike are reaping the benefits of AI-generated job postings. Leading this trend of using AI to assist HR staffers write more compelling job postings is Textio, an AI startup founded by former Microsoft executive Jensen Harris and his wife Kieran Snyder, a linguist.

This husband-and-wife team decided to put up Textio and create one of their first programs, Textio Flow, an AI that suggests the most enticing words to put into job postings, and even suggests useful phrases or entire paragraphs. Users that don’t like the initial suggestions can have hundreds more alternatives presented to them instantly. Textio even has the ability to offer suggestions that would appeal most to a certain demographic; for example, when enticing Californian job applicants, Textio will use the word “awesome” but won’t use it to appeal to applicants from New York.

Harris’ motivation for setting up this Seattle-based company stemmed from the realization that there hasn’t been a groundbreaking innovation in writing for the past 40 years, not since after the typewriter was invented. What also drives Harris is his strong belief that language gets you the results you want, and “the difference between succeeding or failing are the words you use”.

Despite its effectiveness in assisting in writing tasks, Harris insists that Textio isn’t designed to replace humans, as it is a form of augmented writing, and not automated writing. Apart from writing job postings, Textio can help anyone that needs to write an email, job posting, marketing materials or any other documents that require a specific result. The suggestions that Textio comes up with are based on a database comprised of over 500,000 documents that have actual outcomes. In the case of assisting in writing job postings, Textio actually tracks the response rates using other platforms such as Taleo, but other platforms like Salesforce or HubSpot can be used in track results for other applications.

Textio is unique in that it knows what a person writes, tracks its result and can determine whether the writing actually brought about the desired result.

To know more about how Textio and other similar AI are changing the way we write and how we got here, read the full story here: https://www.cnbc.com/2019/05/24/job-postings-you-want-most-will-be-written-by-artificial-intelligence.html

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