One of the world’s largest conglomerates of marketing, advertising and media-buying agencies, Dentsu Aegis Network, actually created an AI to write advertising copy for short, “pun-filled” ads. Alibaba, meanwhile, uses its own AI copywriting service to provide small merchants with ads.

In an effort to ramp up the output of these “punny” ads, the company introduced the AI copywriting program after changes to Google’s advertising system were implemented. The AI “copywriter” creates 20 to 25 ads per second in English, and it does so after training its algorithm by feeding it thousands of “examples” of the sort of ads it’s supposed to churn out. The drawback to this sort of AI is that its creativity is limited only to what it’s trained to create and if the AI is given “new information”, the AI can get confused and could “go haywire”.

While pun-filled ads like this one appear charming, they’re considered low-brow advertising.
Perhaps it’s truly best left to an AI to make these sorts of ads?

Chinese online retail behemoth Alibaba also recently launched a similar AI-generated copywriter, but offers it as a service to its merchants. Alibaba’s AI “copywriter” writes ad copy for its merchants on Taobao, a subsidiary online shopping site. Merchants can choose their preferred type of ads, which range from “short-title” copy ads that are more descriptive of products, “selling point” copy that’s more hard-sell and “heart-warming” copy that’s more emotional in tone. Alibaba’s AI copywriter can create 20,000 lines of copy per second in Chinese and learns how to write its copy from millions of ad copy samples. Talk about giving new meaning to being a “Copywriter”. While the ad copy generated by the AI may not always be top-notch, but the service enables much of Alibaba’s and Taobao’s small merchants to have an ad campaign that they normally can’t afford.

AI in ad copywriting is likely in its infancy and only time will tell if AIs like those used by Dentsu and Alibaba will take over the jobs of human Copywriters, although AI has found considerable use in journalism and in selling and disseminating digital ads.

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