Artificial Intelligence has been applied to many industries, and one of the latest to harness AI is the publishing industry. Just recently, Esquire Singapore pulled off a novel marketing stunt by publishing a very special issue for April, one which had a “temporary Editor-in-Chief”.

This temporary EIC was like no one else and no other publication has ever used one like it before, as it was an AI called “AI Squire”.

The wittily-named AI-Squire for Esquire Singapore was conceived and created by AI consulting company QLX. To indicate which stories in the April issue were written by the AI, a small robot icon accompanied the text. Other stories that were recommended by the bot but written by human writers will be marked as “AI-curated”.

Esquire Singapore’s Editor-in-Chief Norman Tan said the stories are the result of humans and bots collaborating to come up with a “thought-provoking” issue, as a means to prompt readers to talk about the capabilities, differences and nuances between an AI editor, vis-a-vis a human one.

For his part, Executive Director of Innovation and Learning at QLX Gary Jackson said that by using AI-Squire, a magazine article can be written in as quick as five minutes, merely by feeding AI-Squire the concept of the story. AI-Squire can then work on the proposed story and avoid plagiarizing a piece, using the same words repeatedly and scour and cite numerous sources for a more “original” article. Certain biases and prejudices of writers can also be avoided by allowing AI like AI-Squire to pen entire stories.

Apart from the AI Editor, the April issue features an augmented reality hologram that readers can view by scanning a QR code in the cover story using their phones. The AR hologram is that of Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, aka Jaime Lannister of Game of Thrones fame, and was developed in partnership with AR platform company HoloMe.

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