Not long after Admetrics released its A.I.-based marketing analyst dubbed Newton, eBay got on the bandwagon and began using it to run its own “marketing experiments”.

As previously discussed last week, Newton is an A.I. marketing analyst software with the ability to run hundreds of simultaneous “experiments” on marketing campaigns based on marketing data, which then presents users with all the possible outcomes. Newton even has the ability to recommend the most favorable actions on campaigns or other marketing tasks, based on whatever data you feed it. The A.I. has the added benefit (among a host of others) of automatically alerting marketers if a campaign isn’t performing well then gives tips on how to fix the problem before losses pile up.

With each use, Newton also learns from a built-in “feedback loop” that allows users to flag Newton’s recommendations as effective or not and help refine its algorithm. Huge companies like eBay that handle a ton of data need to run a lot of experiments on their media investments, making optimization a herculean task; for a company like theirs to adopt Newton so quickly shouldn’t come as a big surprise. In fact, eBay’s Global Head of Display and App Marketing Sadie Daryan shared that eBay’s data scientists have been using Newton to accelerate their decision-making process.

To know more about how eBay is using Newton, read the story here:

Now that you know a huge company like eBay uses Newton, is this A.I. tool something you’ll use for your company? Why or why not? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

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