Online shopping and delivery service giant Amazon introduced another innovative way to make online shopping more personalized with their own “recommendation service”, Amazon Personalize.

Consumers are increasingly demanding more personalized shopping experiences, as shown in this study made by Accenture and the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA). At almost the same time last year, Amazon presented its soon-to-be-available Amazon Web Service, Amazon Personalize. And this month, Amazon Personalize has just been launched to select locations (Ohio, North Virginia, Oregon, Tokyo, Singapore, and Ireland), with more locations becoming available as the service continues to be rolled out.

To meet the growing personalization trend, Amazon Personalize was designed to allow vendors to develop websites, mobile apps, content management and email marketing systems that can recommend products and present personalized search results to its customers, all in real-time. What is beneficial for these vendors is that they don’t even need to have any experience in machine learning to utilize the application and reap its personalization benefits; the service is also cost-efficient in that users only pay for the features they use.

Amazon Personalize can train, tune and deploy machine learning models on the fly, based on a variety of data streams provided by customers, whether it’s page clicks, page views, signups or purchases, include a whole inventory of items they wish to recommend (like articles, products, videos, music) and apply optional demographics like age or location. All vendors need do is set parameters, choose their inventory of items for recommendations and determine which data streams from customers will apply. Amazon Personalize then compiles and analyzes all this data and gives personalized recommendations to customers.

As of this writing, this is probably the most cost-efficient, user-friendly customer experience personalization platform companies can avail of today.

Here’s a short presentation about Amazon Personalize presented last year:

For the full story on Amazon Personalize’s launch, read it here:

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