Shopper marketing focuses on customers right at the store or at the “point of purchase”. While conventional ads on radio, print, TV and social media can linger in the minds of customers for long periods, shopper marketing can make an immediate impact and directly influence consumer behavior to make an on-the-spot purchase decision.

As we’ve seen in many other articles, AI is becoming increasingly pervasive in daily life, but as end-consumers, we really aren’t aware of their presence. By applying AI to seemingly simple shopper marketing executions, AI is evolving into a more indispensable tool in fields like shopper marketing.

In this article, Forbes illustrates 20 examples of how big retail stores are combining their shopper marketing strategies with AI.

Maybe you’ve seen or experienced AI-enhanced shopper marketing campaigns or executions at your favorite brick and mortar store. Could it have used AI or do you think AI could have helped improve on it? Let us know in the comments!

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