Adobe is a company famous for its widely-used Photoshop, which allows marketers to create content; now it also has Adobe Experience Cloud–a suite of tools that offer complex solutions for marketers in today’s ever-evolving business environment.

Even an excellent product or service is no longer sufficient to get a customer to buy and remain loyal to the product or service. So what drives customers to buy and keep them buying? The customer experience. And for a better customer experience, obtaining relevant data on customers is absolutely vital.

Getting data on customers and poring over them for insights without violating their privacy is another hurdle, one which both AI and machine learning algorithms offered by Adobe Experience Cloud can handle. Adobe’s Experience Cloud applies AI and machine learning over a wide collection of marketing, advertising, analytics and commerce, then analyzes the data to help generate insights to guide content generation, then package the content in the most timely, meaningful and personalized customer experience at the most appropriate channels.

To know more about how Adobe Experience Cloud creates better customer experiences, you can read an interview with Adobe Experience Cloud’s Director of Product Marketing, Adam Justis:

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