AI-powered account-based orchestration platform 6Sense recently announced they would be adding Pardot to their suite.

Integrating Pardot will now enable marketers to execute personalized marketing campaigns. This is thanks to 6Sense pinpointing the accounts that are most likely to buy, as well as which time they’re most receptive.

With this integration, customers who use both 6Sense and Pardot can also flag which accounts are demonstrating the “buying signals” such as if they’re making competitive research, how many website visits they make, engage the company’s marketing campaigns, then profile them and add them to a database. This can then enable sales teams to tailor-fit their marketing approach and increase the likelihood of making a sale.

Sales teams can also use the data that 6Sense and Pardot provides to maximize their marketing and sales activities across all channels available, which can include digital advertising and website personalization.

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